Find a Drop-off Location

Find a Drop-off Location

When doing engine or motor maintenance, don’t forget to properly dispose of used oil and antifreeze products once you’re done. It’s quick and easy to drop them off at a participating facility near you.

What is a drop-off location?

Drop-off locations are businesses (like garages) or other establishments (like waste management facilities and depots) that have registered with the Atlantic Used Oil Management Association to accept products from DIY mechanics/households. These drop-off locations are only for small amounts of used oil and antifreeze products and empty containers that need to be recycled.

Find a Drop-off Location

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Large quantity to Recycle? Find a Registered Collector.

For generators of larger quantities of used oil and antifreeze products, there are Registered Collectors that will pick up products.


What to do before you drop off used oil and antifreeze products:

  • Use our ‘Find a drop-off location’ feature above to find the nearest drop-off.
  • New to recycling oil and antifreeze products? Follow the hints below to help your recycling go smoothly.


DO use an old oil or antifreeze container to carry used oil or antifreeze. Be sure to seal the container during transportation.

DON’T mix oil with antifreeze or with any other products. This contaminates them.

DO check and respect the business hours of drop-off locations. Call ahead, if you have any questions.

DON’T leave products outside drop-off locations. Leave products with an employee.